Handy Tips for Signage Companies to Consider When Buying Laser Engravers

Other than providing information, signs are used for branding purposes, especially in a commercial setting. Increasingly, many companies prefer laser-engraved signage that is etched with specific messages. The ability to customise signage has made laser engravers a must-have for signage firms. However, newbie signage providers are unaware of what to consider before investing in a laser engraving machine. Here are a few tips to help you buy the most suitable machine for your business.


Signs are stationed at strategic places for visibility, including roads and buildings. Notably, most people prefer legible, concise and precise signs since they are used to inform or direct. With signs doubling as brand representatives, it is suicidal for a business to develop unprofessional signage that does not adhere to strict measurements and proportion of characters and images. It explains the popularity of laser machines in the contemporary business community. However, before investing in a laser machine, a branding company should consider the precision of the equipment in order to deliver professional signage that matches customer specifications.


With the ability to cut into both flat and curved surfaces, laser machines are the engravers of choice for many signage firms. For instance, it is possible to engrave the inside of a board, thereby making it unique for buyers. In recent times, laser engravers with small or large bed sizes have been introduced, thereby making it easy for creative developers to deliver on various customer requirements. When acquiring a laser engraver, you should consider the basic functionalities and any add-on features that enhance efficiency and productivity.


Laser engraving allows the use of different materials based on customer needs and preferences. However, a high power cutting machine is the most appropriate since it enables an engraver to work with different materials, ranging from plastic to metal. When investing in a laser engraving machine, you should consider the power rating based on the density of the materials you intend to use.

Software Requirements

Laser engravers can be programmed to undertake specialised functions. Notably, most laser engravers work with system units based on the material being used. For example, some devices are designed to work with SI units, which might prove challenging if your field uses a different measurement system such as the BG. Therefore, you should be aware of software requirements and compatibility issues before purchasing a laser engraver to eliminate costly conversions. Fortunately, most dealers have in house experts to advise clients on compatibility issues based on signage requirements.

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