3 Questions to Ask Before Putting a Vinyl Wrap on Your Car

If you want to upgrade your ride, then you can completely change the way your car looks by having a vinyl wrap put around its body. You can simply go for a colour change or add a striking design.

Before you go ahead, it's important to make sure you fully understand the process right down to the time when the wrap comes off. So, make sure you ask the following questions before you sign on the dotted line.

1. Should You Repair Minor Damage First?

Vinyl wraps are meant to go on and come off a car without causing any damage. However, this can sometimes happen.

This generally doesn't have anything to do with the wrap; it's down to existing problems on your bodywork. So, if you have some chips, rust or scratches on your car, then the wrap may pull off some of the surrounding paint when you remove it in the future.

If this worries you, then talk to the wrap company and show them the areas that concern you. Ask if you should have the damage dealt with before the wrap goes on. They can tell you if this is worth doing or not.

2. Does the Wrap Need Special Cleaning Care?

You may have to change the way you wash and clean your car after having a wrap applied. While wraps do add strength and they are robust in themselves, some get damaged if you don't treat them right.

For example, if you're applying a matte vinyl, then you may be able to carry on as normal. However, you may be advised to avoid high-pressure hose cleaning.

If the wrap is gloss, you have to take care not to scratch it. So, you may have to change your cleaning products and materials to avoid abrasives. However, your shiny new surface may be easier to clean than your car currently is. It's just wise to check if there is anything you should or shouldn't do.

3. How Do You Take the Wrap Off?

Car wraps aren't meant to be permanent. At some point, you're going to want to remove it. Often, you can do this yourself.

Do check if this is the case before you go ahead. If it's better to have the wrap removed professionally, then you need to know this. If you can take it off, ask how to do this. Make notes. It could be a few years before this happens, and they'll give you a useful reminder of what you should do.

For more information, talk to local car wrap companies.

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