Qualities of a Good Outdoor LED Display Sign

Are you thinking of creating an outdoor sign advertisement for your business or just a sign to inform people of an event? Outdoor LED signs will fulfil your needs.  It's undisputed that LED signs are the most efficacious, adaptable and eye-catching signage option in the current business setting. However, not all LED signs are made equally, hence, the need to identify the LED signs that will best suit your business needs. Below are some important qualities to look out for when choosing the best outdoor LED sign display.

Right Illumination An outdoor sign should be bright enough that it is visible both during the day and at night from a distance. Therefore, an LED sign with the correct lumens is ideal for outdoor signs as it allows the sign to be visible even when the sun is at its peak.  This trait makes outdoor LED displays ideal for billboards and shopfronts.

Professionally designed with Correct Color Combination The most effective sign is one that will catch the eye of most of its target audience and pass the targeted message as intended. Therefore, a professionally designed LED sign will appeal to a larger audience due to the perfect colour balance. A monochrome LED sign is not the best outdoor sign. In addition, one cannot compare a stationery sign with a moving or changing LED sign, as the latter appeals more to the eye.

Correct Pitch For outdoor signs, sharper images are required as they are bright and visible from a distance. Therefore, always check the number of LED grouped in a pixel, as the higher the number, the stronger the pitch and the sharper the image.

Water, Heat and UV-Resistant Most importantly, outdoor LED signs should be able to withstand various weather conditions. You shouldn't have to replace your LED signs after every season due to damage caused by changes in the weather.  Therefore, make sure that the signs are resistant to water, meaning that no water can trickle inside and cause damages. The sun can at times be scorching hot, hence, the need to ensure that your sign can survive these conditions. In addition, also confirm that your sign is UV-resistant to protect it from the powerful sunrays. 

Securable Finally, outdoor LED signs should be properly securable to avoid vandalism and chances of them falling off. Considering they spend all their time outdoors, unsecured LED signs may fall on passersby, causing injuries, which may be expensive to the business in terms of liability.

Your outdoor LED sign needs to pass the correct message to the correct target group. Therefore, contact your preferred sign writer for advice and installation of your outdoor LED display sign.

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