Why a Laser-Engraved Sign is the Best Replacement for Your Damaged Business Signage

From adverse weather and vandalism to natural wear and tear, there are numerous ways a business's signage can get damaged. To ensure your business continues running smoothly and your image remains professional, it's important to replace damaged signs as soon as possible. If you're not sure what kind of sign to replace your damaged one with, why not consider laser engraving? Here are 3 reasons why laser-engraved signage is your best choice.

Laser Engraving Is Quick

Many types of signs can take a long time to make, particularly if you're a fan of the traditional look. Conventionally engraved signs, for example, require the use of unforgiving tools and great attention to detail. As a result, many hand-engraved signs have a turnaround time of several weeks. The same goes for other traditional signage styles. Laser engraving, on the other hand, is done using intelligent software and fast machinery. Thanks to the speed and accuracy of this technology, laser-engraved signs can be completed in just a few days or less, making them the ideal choice when you're looking to replace damaged signage as soon as possible.

Laser Engraving Is Inexpensive

When it comes to replacing a damaged sign, time isn't the only thing you'll want to save—saving money is important too. Damaged signs can feel like money down the drain, so you'll likely be on the lookout for a cost-effective replacement. This is another area where the technology behind laser engraving can help you out. Alongside saving you time, laser engraving also saves sign makers time and reduces their labour needs. A reduced labour cost for your sign company will translate to a reduced sign cost for you, ensuring you can replace your damaged signage without damaging your bank balance too.

Laser Engraving Works on Strong Materials

As you may know, many common sign-making techniques can only be applied to certain materials. For example, it's rare to find a company that offers digital printing on any materials other than plastic or posterboard. If the sign you had was printed on one of these flimsier, less-durable materials, that could be why it ended up damaged in the place. Laser engraving, on the other hand, can be applied to a huge variety of materials, including thick wooden boards and strong metal plaques. Such materials are less likely to crack, chip or wear down than plastic. On top of that, the lasers used are precisely targeted, so the engraving process doesn't damage or wear the rest of the sign at all. As such, getting a laser sign engraved on metal or another strong material will reduce the risk of you needing to replace your signage again in the near future.

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