Common Mistakes Many Business Owners Make With Their Corporate Signs

Your corporate signs inside and outside your building are very important, as they alert traffic to your location and also help to set your corporate identity. The more that people see your company name, the more familiar that name becomes to them and the more likely they are to frequent your business. Since corporate signs are so important to a business owner, note a few mistakes you want to avoid when having them designed and placed on your property and in your building.


Strong and basic colors can be a good choice for business signs, as they are often seen as being more professional than bright colors. However, it's a mistake to be too monochrome in your design. If your sign will have a white background, you don't want your lettering to be light grey. If the lettering is black, you want a strong and crisp white background and not something grey or very dark. Avoid having brown lettering on a brown background, even if they're different tones or shades. Choose a green base for the sign if it has brown or grey lettering, to make things stand out and easy to read.

Not considering visibility for size

A small business sign behind the front desk inside a building might be readable with a fancy font or very small letters, or letters without much contrast. However, you need to think about the various sizes that are used for business signs. The sign inside the building should match the one on the front lawn, and an oversized scrolling font can be very difficult to read on such a large sign, or vice versa. Consider how the sizes will change for your sign and opt for something readable for all these options.

No room for taglines

Your corporate sign might need to leave room for other information. For example, do you need to denote the city of this particular branch, or even the country? If so, you'll need room for that to be visible without running to the edge of the sign; for an outdoor sign, this tagline might be covered by shrubbery or difficult to read from a distance. Note if you need a phrase that explains your business, such as "Condos for Seniors" or "Family Eye Care." These things might fit easily on a small sign behind a front desk but, as mentioned above, you need to consider how they will fit on signs of various sizes. Be sure your font, spacing, colors of lettering, placement of taglines and all other details will allow for these to be easily seen inside and outside.

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