Three Planning Guidelines for Effective Outdoor Signage for Your Business

The right outdoor business sign is an important asset for your growing business. It will attract new clients by ensuring that your commercial space is noticeable by passers-by. In addition, a good product presents a professional image which builds consumer confidence in your goods or services. There are diverse factors such as cost and signage service providers that you must evaluate before upgrading or installing a new sign. Here are the most critical but simple guidelines to help you in the planning stage for your outdoor signage.

Choose the Right Material

Outdoor signs are often exposed to adverse conditions, so it is important to choose a material that will perform well. Basically, you should ensure that the material will not experience accelerated degradation or decline in quality. You can choose metal signs such as aluminium or steel for your business. Aluminium will not wear out as a result of moisture exposure and even salinity. However, they are lightweight and normally dent easily.

Steel is strong and durable, but it can rust and become corroded. Therefore, choose stainless signs or galvanised alternatives. Plastic signs made from materials like PVC, vinyl and acrylic are often cheap and perform well in most environments. Moreover, these are available in diverse colours and shapes and can be purchased as banners. Wooden signs are less ideal for outdoor use because the material is vulnerable to rot and pests.

Communicate Effectively

During the planning stage, it is important to design and organise your advertising message or hire a specialist. This will help you determine the most suitable size and configuration for the sign. Moreover, you will be able to budget for the design work more effectively. The most crucial aspect of communication on signs is simplicity. You should ensure that the text elements in the projected design are minimal. This will reduce the potential size of the sign and subsequently, the total expenses. However, ensure that the font is large to improve legibility. It also is advisable to use compelling images, illustrations and other visual elements to draw more attention, unless you want a minimalist sign.

Identify a Good Location

Finally, you should identify a good location in or close to your premises. It should provide good visibility, but it should not be in a position that is easily accessible to vandals. The most effective signs are often hang from ceiling or on walls or placed on supports in the ground. If you choose the latter option, ensure that obstacles like parked vehicles are considered. 

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