Tips to Creating Attention Grabbing Business Signs

When you establish a new business, branding is one of the most essential aspects that you need to consider. Not only is this required for your business cards to your invoices, but also it is crucial if you have premises for your business and rely on foot traffic for customers. As such, your choice of signing could go a long way in making or breaking your business. Here are some handy tips to creating attention grabbing business signs.

Choose legible font for your signage 

A common mistake that new business owners make is opting for a decorative typeface when creating a sign for their business. Although flowery fonts with curls and spirals may seem attractive, they could greatly affect the legibility of your sign. Therefore, it is always best to choose a typeface that is simple yet tasteful. If your font is too exotic, passers-by will simply walk past it as it is highly unlikely people will stop to try to discern what you are saying. Always keep your potential customer's convenience first, rather than prioritising of your aesthetic preferences.

Come up with a tag line for your signage

A tag line works as an easy description of your business that is easy to comprehend. This is especially important for businesses whose names do not automatically reflect what you provide in terms of goods or services. Restrict your tag line to a few words, as this will make it easy to remember. However, also ensure that it is not ambiguous and directly puts the point across. The tag line should be located right beneath your business name and make it sizable enough for it to be read at a glance.

Make good use of colour on your signage

When it comes to signs, the more colours used, the more busy and disjointed your sign will appear. You do not want to have your sign appear confused. As such, steer clear from the temptation of making use of every hue you can lay your hands on in an attempt to make your sign stand out. The best approach would be to narrow down your colour options to the minimum number that will best represent the overall personality of your business. Keep in mind that different colours tend to affect people in different ways. For instance, some people may register the colour red as passionate, whereas others may find it aggressive. It is recommended to familiarise yourself with colour psychology so as to make the best impression for your business. 

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