How to Use Interior Signs to Increase Sales in Your Restaurant

If you own a restaurant, you don't want to overlook or neglect the signage you may use inside your establishment. This is because it's often easier to sell to customers who have already walked through your door than it is to get new customers in the first place! While both interior and exterior signs are important, the signs you use inside your restaurant can easily increase your business and convince customers to order more than they originally planned:

1. Use pictures

People get hungry when they see food, not just when they read descriptions of food. This is one very important consideration when using signs in a restaurant; use pictures of as many food items as possible, and be sure they're high-quality pictures that will make your customers want to buy. It's especially good to use pictures of impulse buys, such as desserts, specialty drinks, and the like.

2. Include prices and details

While pictures will make customers want to buy food items, having to ask the price or the ingredients of a food may cause them to hesitate. On your sign, be sure you have a short list of what's in a food item and the price, so your customers can order easily and not need to ask questions. Keep descriptive terms to a minimum if you don't have space on a sign for all the details of a particular dish.

3. Go digital

A static sign is easy for customers to overlook, but a digital sign that changes the screen every minute or so, or one that uses blinking and flashing lights is sure to get everyone's attention. This is also a good choice if you don't have much space for several signs inside your restaurant; you can invest in a digital sign that changes its offering, so customers actually see a variety of signage in the same spot. Contact a sign writing company to learn more.

4. Keep it simple

Even with using flashing lights and needing to include sufficient details about an item, you want to keep your restaurant signage simple. Too much wording, too many food items advertised on the same sign, and lettering that is overly ornate can all be distracting and overwhelm the customers. Take a fresh look at your signage and note if you can easily see the food item being advertised and know the important details at a glance. If not, consider reworking your sign to make it simpler overall.

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